Hello Out There

I’m happy you’re joining me on this journey of getting the fu*k out of the comfort zone.

What I’m Writing About

Through my short stories, I’ll bring you along on adventures. We have things to do, people to meet, and of course, places to eat. Walk and talk with me about how these experiences help to shape our mindset. 🧠

Psychology & Traveling Solo

My introductory post details how traveling solo does NOT make you a serial killer. It gets into the interesting psychology of human interaction, on and offline. My solo travels will serve as the fuel behind many of my short stories. I’ll also sprinkle in some guides on things to check out from cities I’ve visited. 🌎

Traveling as a Pet Sitter

I’ll share more about my pet sitting adventures, from cat sitting in Denver, to tending to a vegetable garden, 3 cats and a pup in Utah. Pet sitting has been my favorite way to travel, and to know someone is taking good care of my pup in my absence. 🐩

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IYKYK. Most conversations I have and decisions I make revolve around food. If you think you’re not going to see some recipes and recommendations on here, you do not know me very well (…yet. So subscribe)! 😋


lauren olivia serpico, phd
Social Media Manager Traveling Solo as a Pet Sitter 🐆